What Do We Do With Our Spent Grains?


During our brewing sessions we use a lot of grain in the mash process.  Like today we brewed Category 3 IPA and the grain bill for that beer is bigger than any of our other beers currently.  So when the mash is done you might wonder what we do with all that spent grain.  Well it certainly doesn’t go to waste, that’s for sure.

As you can see here we have quite a number of trash cans filled with our spent grains.  But fear not, the containers are the closest this grains will ever see to garbage.  We actually set these trash cans of grains out for a local cattle farmer in Delray Beach that comes and picks them up.  He then uses these grains to feed his cattle, in turn saving money on expensive feed.  We also have a local chicken farmer that comes by from time to time to get some grains as well.  It is one of many ways we like to stay involved in the local community and give back.

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