Simcoe Dry Hopped Series Pale Ale Released


The sixth in our series of dry hopped pale ales was released today, both on draft and in cans, and features the hop Simcoe. It’s an interesting line of beers, in which we dry hop our pale ale with a single hop varietal in order to showcase its unique flavors and aromas. Fans of hops are intimately knowledgeable and enthusiastic about which specific variety of hops are present in a beer, much in the way wine lovers can be of grape varieties.

Because of this interesting release, we decided to kick off the beginning of video series in which members of our team get together after their shift to share a beer (or two) and discuss some of the goings-on around the brewery. We’ll be constantly improving, discovering new things as we go along, and, hopefully, bring in some friends to share in our passion for the craft.

Stick around and watch the inaugural video below, and hopefully you come away with a better understanding of Simcoe.