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Newsletter Archive

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  • September 2021 Newsletter
    Oktoberfest party, Isle of MaGourdo, and more!
  • August 2021 Newsletter
    What’s Brewing In August At Due South?
  • July 2021 Newsletter
    July 4th Beer Run, Plus Upcoming Mac-N-Cheese Bash
  • June 2021 Newsletter
    Strawberry Coastline, Luau, and Pop Ups!
  • May 2021 Newsletter
    9 Year Anniversary this weekend!
  • April Newsletter
    Honey Vanilla Wheat, 9 Year Anniversary
  • March 2021 Newsletter
    🍀 Curse of the Irish Red Ale is HERE! 🍀
  • February 2021 Newsletter
    Imperial Caramel Cream Ale Day, Valentine’s Day Weekend, and more
  • January 2021 Trench Day
    Trench Day(s) Return, Girl Scout Cookie Pairing… 2021 Looks Good
  • November 2020 Thanksgiving Week
    We’re Thankful For You! See What We’re Tapping Tuesday…
  • October 2020 Newsletter
    Trench or Treat This Friday and Saturday!
  • September 2020 Beer Run
    A shorter, taster-sized update. Caramel Cream Ale Flight, Oktoberfest, and more.
  • September 2020
    Oktoberfest, Blood Drive, and more!
  • March 2020
    Curse of the Irish, Panhandle Distribution, and more!
  • February 2020
    UXO Imperial Amber Ale, Mardi Gras, and more!
  • January 2020
    South Florida Fair, Trench Day, and more!
  • December 2019
    Holiday Release, Trench Day, and more!
  • November 2019
    Land, Sea, & Air, Black Friday, and more!
  • October 2019
    Pirate Fest, Category 4 IPA, and more!
  • September 2019
    Oktoberfest Weekend, Category 4 IPA, and more!
  • August 2019
    Oktoberfest, Pumpkin, and more!
  • July 2019
    Mac & Cheese Fest and Grapefruit Cat 5!
  • June 2019
    Coastline Variety Packs, Coffee Beers, and more.
  • May 2019
    Due South’s 7 Year Anniversary This Saturday! and more for May.
  • April 2019
    Strawberry Coastline, Science on Tap, and more!
  • March 2019
    St. Patrick’s Day, and more!
  • February 2019
    Full Gorilla, Curse of the Irish, and more!
  • January 2019
    Trench Day, Girl Scouts, and more!
  • December 2018
    Trench Day, Winter Beer Release, and more!
  • November 2018
    Wine Bar, Veterans Day Beer, and more!
  • October 2018
    Halloween Party, Brightline, and more!
  • September 2018
    Lunch and Dinner Every Day Starts September 15th!
  • August 2018
    Grapefruit, KVJ, and more!
  • July 2018
    Ice Cream Social & Grapefruit Category 5 in July
  • June 2018
    Father’s Day, July 4th and More From Due South Brewing!
  • May 2018
    Due South Turns 6! Special Releases Coming Your Way
  • April 2018
    What’s Going On At Due South In April?
  • March 2018
    St. Patrick’s Day Tacos, Crafts, and Spicy Beer!
  • February 2018
    Mardi Gras, Nun With A Chainsaw, Craft Fair … All In February!
  • January 2018
    Due South Brewing’s Annual Beer Festival Is 2 Weeks Away!
  • December 2017
    Happy Holidays From Due South Brewing
  • November 2017
    Aww Snap, It’s November – Ginger Snap Returns, Black Friday, and More!
  • October 2017
    Have You Joined The Club? | Nun With A Chainsaw
  • September 2017
    Celebrate Oktoberfest
  • August 2017
    Let The Fall Beers Flow! Oktoberfest and Isle of Magourdo Set For August Release
  • July 2017
    Summer Fun at Your Local Brewery Awaits…
  • June 2017
    July Craft Fair, Cornhole Championships, and more!
  • May 2017
    Due South’s Five Year Anniversary, Upcoming July Craft Fair, and more!
  • April 2017
    Oaked Category 5, Upcoming Beer Releases, and more!
  • March 2017
    Spring Training, Tampa Market, Craft Fair, and more!
  • February 2017
    Cookie Pairing Part 2, Hopicana, and more!
  • January 2017
    Trench Day, Girl Scout Cookie Pairing, and more!
  • December 2016
    Happy Holidays, Science on Tap, and more!
  • November 2016
    Caramel Cream Ale Month, Upcoming Events, and… Mexican Standoff!
  • October 2016
    Craft Fair, Featured Employee, November Beer Releases and more!
  • Late September 2016
    More Oktoberfest details, Craft Fair, Great American Beer Fest and more!
  • Early September 2016
    Oktoberfest Is Coming! an incredible array of upcoming events, and more!
  • August 2016
    Autumn Seasonals, Employee Spotlight, and more!
  • July 2016
    Category 4 Red IPA release, Upcoming events and more!
  • June 2016
    Rum Barrel Aged Trench, Father’s Day and more!
  • May 2016
    4th Anniversary, American Craft Beer Week, New Releases and more!
  • April 2016
    4th Anniversary, Weekender Weekend, Featured Retailer and more!
  • March 2016
    We’re Expanding, Beer Release, Featured Retailer and more!
  • February 2016
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Perfect Pairings, Featured Retailer and more!
  • January 2016
    South Florida Beer Week Events, Hopicana Returns, Craft Fair, Featured Retailer and more!
  • December 2015
    Trench Day 2016, Chocolate Peppermint Stout, Craft Fair, Featured Retailer & more!
  • November 2015
    Oaked Category 5 IPA, Black Friday, Featured Retailer, Upcoming Events, Upcoming Beers and more!
  • October 2015
    What the Hef?, Featured Retailer, Upcoming Events, Upcoming Beers and more!
  • September 2015
    Barrel Aged Mariana Trench, Dry Hopped Series Pale Ale, Featured Retailer, Upcoming Events, Upcoming Beers and more!
  • August 2015
    Barrel Aged Mariana Trench, Featured Retailer, Upcoming Events, Upcoming Beers and more!
  • July 2015
    Join the Club, Upcoming Events, Upcoming Beers and more!
  • June 2015
    Happy Father’s Day,Upcoming Events, Upcoming Beers and more!
  • May 2015
    Due South Anniversary,Upcoming Events, Upcoming Beers and more!
  • April 2015
    Due South Anniversary,Upcoming Events, Upcoming Beers and more!
  • March 2015
    February Recap, Photo Contest and Upcoming Events