Due South Brewing The Official Craft Beer Of The South Florida Fair


Due South Brewing Company is proud to be the Official Craft Beer of the South Florida Fair, taking place January 17th through February 2nd, 2020 at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach.

Patrons to the fairgrounds will be able to enjoy local Palm Beach County brewed beer for the first time at 12 locations across the Fair this year, including at the Due South Brewing ‘Lift Your Spirits’ Beer Garden.

“Due South is very excited to partner with the South Florida Fair this year,” said Mike Halker, Due South Brewing Company’s owner and founder. “We both have a very local connection to the community and our agricultural and environmental focus is a bonus. I hope everyone has a chance to join us at the fair for some local fun and local beer.”

In addition, Due South Brewing has created Funshine Amber Ale debuting at the South Florida Fair. This refreshing amber is crafted with a touch of specialty malts that imbue the beer with an incredible copper hue and crisp bready notes.

The ‘Lift Your Spirits’ beer garden location will feature 6 taps of Due South beer: Caramel Cream Ale, Category 3 IPA, Coastline Lager, Funshine Amber Ale, Strawberry Coastline, and a rotating specialty draft, starting with Hopoluxo IPA.

Beyond the dates of the South Florida Fair, Due South Brewing beers will be available at the fairgrounds for the entirety of 2020, including the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction from April 16-18.

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