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Please contact us prior to planning any gathering (free or paid private) at Due South Brewing as some temporary policy changes may be in effect to accommodate state and federal guidelines related to social distancing.

Our inside taproom.

Due South Brewing would be a great spot for your next gathering. From a birthday party to corporate gathering, to a baby shower or a wedding ceremony, the brewery is a fun location all your guests are sure to remember. Whether it's 10 or 250 people, we've got the room and the beer!

Our brewery has thousands of square feet of space for your party, including tables and chairs, to make your event a success.

Please note no matter when you bring your group, during regular business hours or for a private event, there is always a chance Due South employees may be working on the production side (brewing, kegging, cleaning, etc.).

Pick the Right Spot

The Due South Brewing facility has 3 areas: the Wine Bar, the Beer Garden, the Taproom.

The Wine Bar is a dimly lit, relaxed space attached to our Taproom which can seat up to 25 people. The room has a large smart TV. It has its own bathrooms. It is not available for parties unless there are less than 15 in the group or the space has been rented.

The Beer Garden can seat up to 160 people. It is a non-air conditioned space inside the brewery warehouse. This large, open space is where you will find cornhole and giant block games. This is where free parties can be held.

The Taproom is a large, enclosed, air conditioned space which has table and bar seating for 65 people. It is not available for parties unless there are less than 15 in the group or the entire brewery space has been rented.

Book A Party

We'd love to get you on our party schedule. Send us the information on this form and our taproom manager will get back to you about securing a spot!

    Free Parties

    We allow paying customers to utilize parts of our space for events at no cost when we are open to the public and proper reservations have been made. The same rules apply to parties about outside beverages, disrupting other customers, decorations and children. Those rules are defined below.

    Less than 15 people? You can just show up anytime and sit anywhere you’d like. No reservation is required because we don't reserve tables for groups less than 15 people. With seats for 250, you should have no problem finding a spot for your group.

    More than 15 people? We ask that you let us know at least 2 days in advance. Contact us via email ( to get your group on the schedule. Free groups of 15+ must use the Beer Garden area which is still inside the brewery but not in the air conditioned space. We can reserve up to 3 tables for your group of 15+. Beyond that, you will be responsible for finding additional seating if required. If you want something more private and a  guarantee of more than 3 tables, The Wine Bar is available to rent. Contact us via email ( for rate information.

    If you want to bring a group of 40 or more, please give us at least a week’s notice. Large groups (15+) must use the Beer Garden area for free parties. Friday nights and Saturdays are already quite busy. We may not be able to accommodate your group along with our other guests on those days so it is very important that you schedule your event ahead of time. We will reserve up to 4 tables for your group of 40+. Beyond that, you will be responsible for acquiring additional seating upon arrival.

    Food Options

    You are welcome to bring food or order to the brewery anytime. If you supply your own food, don’t forget to bring your own utensils and napkins.

    Drinks and Beverages

    No outside beverages are permitted at the brewery.

    We sell beer, wine, craft sodas, and water here. A water fountain is available with cups provided.

    Liquor is never allowed inside the brewery, even during a closed/private event.

    Drink Tickets (Optional at free parties and for Wine Bar rental)

    This can be used to put all drinks on your tab plus you can limit the number of beers you buy for each guest. You give the members of your party drink tickets (which we can provide if you want – let us know approximately how many ahead of time - you only get charged when they are turned in with an order) and then they present them to the bartender when they order and then their drink will be put on your tab. Beer prices vary so we do not have a set price for a pre-purchased ticket. You decide how many drinks you’ll buy each guest based on the number of tickets you give to each. You can let guests use the tickets for just beer or include wine or soda as well (check the current menu for prices which vary). Just let the bartenders know how you want the tickets used upon arrival. You then pay the total at the end. We request a minimum 15% gratuity.

    Open Bar (Entire Brewery Private Party only)

    The cost for 200 beers is included with entire brewery rental rates. Email us ( to request rates for renting the brewery.

    Wine Glasses

    We have plenty of beer glasses, but only a couple dozen champagne glasses so if you want a champagne toast with a large number of people, you will need to provide your own glassware.


    We welcome children at the brewery during certain times. After 6 p.m., brewery guests must be 21+ unless the brewery space has been rented.

    Kids are not permitted to play cornhole or Jenga unless playing with an adult.

    Children should never be allowed to climb on cornhole boards or furniture. If not playing a game with an adult, children should remain seated. Children should be supervised at all times.

    Miscellaneous and Sundry Items


    You may bring decorations. Balloons must be secured to avoid floating up to the ceiling. No glitter/confetti is allowed. Other things you require (special chairs, table linens, that fancy trellis that'll look so good in the wedding photos) are up to you to coordinate. We don't have suggested vendors for those extras.


    We play our selection of music when we are open to the public. The only time you can provide your own music is if you rent a space (either the Wine Bar or the entire brewery) for a private event. No live music is ever allowed even during a private event.

    Free Party Clean Up

    We request that your group cleans up your area when you are finished. Use trashcans provided to throw away any trash and remove all decorations and food. If you moved tables and chairs, please move them back into place.

    We reserve the right to prohibit activities we deem to be dangerous or inappropriate for our establishment. Any party (public or private) that engages in unlawful activity, including bringing liquor into the brewery, will end immediately. Guests will be asked to leave and no refunds will be issued.

    Other Guests

    Your party is not allowed to disrupt other guests with music or long, loud speeches. No solicitation of other brewery guests is permitted.