$41,000 Of Beer Down The Drain: COVID Necessitates Due South Brewing Dumping Beer


Revenues are down. The cost of doing business has gone up. All that makes the decisions small businesses are facing especially difficult. Due South Brewing in Boynton Beach has scheduled a supervised disposal with state officials. On the agenda? Dumping an estimated $41,000 of beer. Fresh beer is what local breweries are all about and with the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the only way to maintain standards is to dispose of old product and start again.

Our naturally unfiltered and unpasteurized beer’s flavor and profile will change as time goes on. We generally recommend 90 days for best flavor, and with most of the state closed to some degree for over three months, quality was on the top of our minds.

“It can’t be about the bottom line. It has to be about doing what is right,” says brewery co-founder Jodi Halker. “Our customers have been amazingly supportive during this time. For that, we owe them the level of quality Due South has been delivering for over eight years here in Boynton.”

The brewery has ramped up its brewing schedule so Florida bar, liquor store, and restaurant partners can deliver fresh Due South Brewing cans and draft to local consumers. The brewery taproom has also returned to regular hours, offering visitors an up close look at the brewing operation while following all distancing guidelines currently in effect.

Due South’s open-air taproom provides fresh beer and fresh air.