We Now Have Crowlers


While out in Denver for the Craft Brewers Conference, Mike was introduced to the new 32oz. can called the Crowler. The folks from Ball make the cans and the guys from Oskar Blues were able to take an old machine and turn it into a seamer to seal the lid to the can. They agreed to make us one and it has finally arrived!


We believe the Crowler to be a better option than glass growlers for many reasons. They don’t break, they’re allowed at the pool, on the boat, etc., they don’t allow light to get to the beer, they’re almost 100% recyclable, they’re lighter, etc. At the end of the day, the Crowler is what we’ve adopted here at Due South for beer to go.

Here are a few details you’ll need to know:

  • Crowlers are free. Just pay for the fill and we’ll pay for the can.
  • We no longer sell glass 32oz. growlers. If you still have one, we’ll fill it if you’d like.
  • The clean growler card program has been discontinued for shiny new Crowlers for each fill.
  • Once filled, the beer in the Crowler should keep for about 3 months.
  • Caramel Cream Ale will be available in 6-packs in about 3 weeks.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we move to this new, exciting packaging concept.

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