Year-Round Beers

Coastline™ Lager

American-style Lager | 4% ABV

Enjoy 16 ounces of crisp and delicious lager, expertly brewed for wherever your adventure takes you.

The perfect beer for Florida.

Caramel Cream Ale

Cream Ale Brewed with Vanilla Beans | 5.0% ABV

A beer like no other. We took the idea of a cream ale, threw in massive amounts of caramel malts and topped it off with real, fresh vanilla beans.

You must taste it to believe it.

  • 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships Silver Medal
  • 2017 Best Beer in South Florida – Sun Sentinel’s


Pale Ale with Citra | 5.1% ABV

Featuring one of the most popular hops in the world, Citrafied is a smooth, crushable pale ale. Upon opening this can expect to #GetCitrafied with a whirlwind of hop flavors and aromas.

The perfect beer for the boat, the beach — and everything in between.

  • 2017 Can Can Awards Bronze Medal – American Style Pale Ale

Category 3 IPA

India Pale Ale | 6.1% ABV

A true Florida IPA. Our special blend of American hops give this beer its vibrant, sunshine-soaked flavor and aroma.

If hops and tropical breezes are your thing, you’re gonna love this beer.

  • 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships Silver Medal
  • 93 Points – DRAFT Magazine

Category 5 IPA

Imperial India Pale Ale | 8.5% ABV

Category 5 is an Imperial IPA that is big on hops, big on malts, and big on flavor. Clocking in at 8.5% ABV and 96 IBU’s, this beer is a force to be reckoned with. Use of caution is advised.

  • 2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Gold Medal – Imperial IPA
  • 2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Second Runner Up – Best in Show
  • 2015 Best Florida Beer Championships Bronze Medal – Imperial IPA
  • 2017 Can Can Awards Silver Medal – Imperial IPA

Limited Release Beers


Caramel Latte

Imperial Cream Ale with Coffee Added | 8.2% ABV

Enjoy a sweet treat with Caramel Latte, an imperial cream ale with enough coffee to give you a wake up call.

Extremely smooth, malty, and decadent!

Available in January.


Mariana Trench®

Imperial Stout | 9.8% ABV

Venture into the depths of complex flavor with this Imperial Stout full of Flaked Oats, Cocoa Nibs, and Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

The deepest and darkest of them all, the Mariana Trench® is only brewed once a year.

Proceed with caution.

  • 2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Gold Medal – Imperial Stout

Java Mariana Trench®

Imperial Stout | 9.8% ABV

What happens when you add coffee to our award winning Imperial stout? You get the amazing Java Mariana Trench Imperial Stout!

Bitter whole bean coffee dances with the chocolate and roasty flavors of our stout, giving coffee lovers something to write home about.



Rye India Pale Ale with Oranges and Honey | 7.1% ABV

Hopicana is an India pale ale, 7.1% ABV, which is a perfect blend of dryness from the rye malt and citrus from the orange.

A combination of hops are used, but it highlights Cascade hops which we put in our hopback, a vessel the beer passes through during the brewing process which allows us to add some additional flavor. It is loaded with Florida oranges (80 pounds are used in the 500 gallon batch). This flavor-packed beer is perfect to enjoy on a sunny Florida afternoon.

Curse of the Irish Red

Irish Red Ale | 5.5% ABV

Released every year around St. Patrick’s Day, Curse of the Irish Red is a malt-forward red ale that easy-to-drink by the pint.

Pours with a clear red hue with rich caramel malts and a pleasant does of American hops.


Märzen-style Lager | 5.4% ABV

Brewed as a traditional German Marzen, this beer is created each year to celebrate Oktoberfest!

This amber lager is crafted with German malts to create an authentic Munich experience.

So grab a dimpled mug, grill up some bratwurst and enjoy our take on this historic European style.

Isle of MaGourdo

Amber Ale brewed with Pumpkin and Spices | 5.5% ABV

Isle of MaGourdo is a pumpkin ale brewed specially for the fall season. Years ago our Brewmaster Mike went tuna fishing in Islamorada with Bo, Bryan and a great man named Martin.

This beer is brewed each year the same time as that trip. For Martin – we miss you buddy.

Maple Orange Imperial Caramel Cream

Imperial Cream Ale with Maple and Oranges | 8.4% ABV

What happens when you take flavors from breakfast and merge them together in a beer? The surprisingly intriguing Maple Orange Imperial Caramel Cream Ale!

The flavors of sweet and sticky maple syrup join forces with the rich citrus of oranges to form the profile of this beer.

Ginger Snap

Imperial Brown Ale with Ginger, Cinnamon, Vanilla | 7.7% ABV

Fresh grated ginger, full whole cinnamon sticks, and the flavors of vanilla come together for this wintry treat.

Just like grammy used to make!

Released occasionally during the winter months.

Mocha Stout

Stout With Coffee Added | 6.1% ABV

A dark and velvety stout made with fresh coffee.

With a nutty, cocoa nib-like malt body that restrains itself with only mild residual sweetness, here’s an intriguingly complex take on the coffee stout genre.

Midnight Marauder

Black India Pale Ale | 7.7% ABV

Midnight Marauder Black IPA is just as it sounds, dark and hoppy.

A healthy dose of Carafa malt and roasted barley give this beer a deep, dark color.

A big, late charge of American hops provide a smooth hop flavor and aroma.

Imperial Caramel Cream Ale

Ale with Vanilla Bean Added | 8.4% ABV

If you’re a fan of our Caramel Cream Ale, then be prepared to enjoy this higher ABV brew that uses many of the same ingredients… only to a higher degree!

At a whopping 8.4% ABV, Imperial Caramel Cream Ale is brewed only a few times per year.

Mexican Standoff™

Porter with Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Peppers | 8.5% ABV

This beer will cause your taste buds to be at a standoff.

Cocoa mixes with subtle vanilla and cinnamon notes before the chili pepper takes hold with its heat.

Now you have a choice to make. Drink this alone or with friends?


Lager with Grapefruit Juice | 3.6% ABV

Our interpretation of a classic Radler (German for “cyclist”), a beverage traditionally created on demand my mixing half lager and half sparking lemonade.

We went all-in with a South Florida styled Radler, with an enormous amount of grapefruit juice added to our lager before kegging and canning.

Perfect to enjoy on a hot summer’s day.

Honey Vanilla Wheat

Ale with Local Honey and Vanilla added | 4.4% ABV

Smooth and silky are the best ways to describe this seasonal beer. A special mash process is used to create a fuller body with a smooth mouthfeel.

Real vanilla beans are added at the end of fermentation to balance out the sweetness of the honey. We only use the freshest Florida honey in this beer brewed to enjoy in the Florida sunshine while on a boat, at the beach, or poolside.

Category 4 IPA

Red India Pale Ale | 7.7% ABV

The aroma you get from the Pacific Northwest hops only tell half the story of what you’re about to experience in this red India pale ale.

If you like Irish reds and lots of hop flavor and aroma, this is the beer for you.

  • 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships Silver Medal

What the Hef?

Hefeweizen | 5.3% ABV

Enjoy German wheat beers? Yeah, us too!

What the Hef? is traditionally brewed hefeweizen with just the right balance of clove and banana character — all flavors that are a product of this specific strain of yeast. Pretty cool.

Sweater Weather

Winter Warmer with Ginger and Spices | 9.0% ABV

Spice up the season with this smooth winter warmer ale packed with flavors of caramel malt, ginger and molasses with just a touch of clove and cinnamon.



Milk Stout with Lactose and Cocoa Nibs | 5.6% ABV

Brewed as a Milk Stout it contains lactose to give it a fuller, creamy body.

Starting with the creamy head that stouts are know for, this beer continues with a full mouthfeel and finishes with a slightly sweet cocoa flavor. This delicious milk stout can be found delivered at the brewery using nitrogen or CO2.

Cafe Ole Espresso Porter

Porter with Vanilla and Coffee | 5.6% ABV

With Cafe Ole Espresso Porter we’ve blended America’s two favorite beverages, beer and coffee. Roasted barley and flaked oats combine to form a rich, robust flavor, complimented by the addition of locally roasted espresso and a touch of vanilla.

  • 2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Silver Medal – Coffee Beer
  • 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships Bronze Medal

Oaked Category 5 IPA

Imperial India Pale Ale Aged on Oak | 8.5% ABV

If you didn’t think our Category 5 IPA could get any better, try out this American oak aged interpretation.

Days of contact with virgin oak imbue this beer with an incredible woodsy character that you have to taste to believe.

  • 2017 Best Florida Beer Championships Gold Medal – Barrel-Aged Strong Beer

Grapefruit Category 5 IPA

Imperial India Pale Ale with Grapefruit Added | 8.5% ABV

The tropical profile of this Imperial IPA is boosted with the addition of grapefruit peel from Fort Pierce.

If you’re a fan of bitter yet tropical beers, this will be your jam.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Mariana Trench

Released periodically as part of our barrel program. We took used Bourbon barrels from producers, such as Four Roses and Woodford Reserve, and placed our imperial stout Mariana Trench into them, aging them from 6 months up to 20!

Rum Barrel Aged Mariana Trench – 2016

Wicked Dolphin Distillery supplied us with freshly emptied barrels which held their award winning rum, which were filled with our award winning stout, Maraiana Trench.

Saigon Blonde

Inspired by a cocktail the brewers had in Colorado the Saigon Blonde is treated with cucumber, lime and jalapeño peppers. What you get is a beer that is light, crisp and refreshing with a slight bit of heat on the back end.

Olympus Mons

For our 200th batch we brewed this big, full bodied red ale. It is slightly bready with big notes of caramel, raisin and dried dark fruit. It finishes with a medium sweetness. Allow it to warm up and experience the flavors in a much bolder sense.

Calling All Cars

Be on the lookout for Calling All Cars, our coffee and donuts porter. This one is sweet and savory and will have you thinking you just dropped by your favorite shop for a donut and a cup of joe.

UXO American Strong Ale

UXO is an American Strong Ale paying homage to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians that have served in the US Military. UXO is a term EOD Techs use meaning unexploded ordnance.The beer is a big one, clocking in at 8% ABV. At 67 IBU’s, it also has plenty of hops. A earthy hop bite comes across first followed by a caramel malt backbone. It finishes with a nice bitterness that lingers for a few minutes on the palette.

Asylum Harbor Red Ale

A malt forward red ale that brings forward notes of toasted biscuit, raisins and a hint of caramel. A very easy drinking beer despite a medium body. You will want to find asylum and have a couple of these.

  • 2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Gold Medal – Scottish / Irish Ale

Bodacious Belgian Blonde

This blonde ale was created using Belgian yeast to give it a uniquely light and floral character. Bold and audacious.

  • 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships Bronze Medal

Bridgeport Scotch Ale

Named after a Scottish settlement in Barbados, this malt forward Scotch Ale has hints of cherries, chocolate and a subtle amount of smoke in it with a medium body.

  • 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships Bronze Medal

Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Pico Duarte

We took our Pico Duarte Imperial Stout and aged it in Laird & Company Apple Brandy Barrels.

  • 2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Bronze Medal – Smoke/Wood Aged

Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Caramel Cream Ale

Who wouldn’t want our Caramel Cream Ale aged in Laird & Company Apple Brandy Barrels?

  • 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships Silver Medal