Category 3 IPA Category 3 IPA – Florida Style IPA
ABV = 6.1% IBU = 64
Brewed with loads of malts and hops, this golden India Pale Ale is true to the style while maintaining a balance between malty and bitter.  A special blend of American hops give this beer its unique flavor.  Although fruity and citrusy, this beer has only four ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and water.

Interesting Fact: This is the first beer Mike ever entered in a homebrew competition and it received an award that day. It was at Havana Hideout in Lake Worth, FL.

Food Pairings
Sharp Cheddar Burger
Jamaican Jerk

cca Caramel Cream Ale
ABV=5.0%  IBU=18
Our Caramel Cream Ale was developed to showcase the wonderful caramel notes in dark crystal malts. In addition to the malt complexity and creamy mouthfeel, this beer finishes with a hint of vanilla. There are no substitutes for this very special American Ale.

Interesting Fact: The unforgettable flavor of this beer is the result of 100′s of test brews to refine the recipe and method. Head brewer and brewery owner, Mike Halker, brewed this beer for his wife Jodi who, for 2 years, kept saying “almost” until he worked his magic and made it the beer it is today.

Food Pairings & Recipes
Beer Bread
Apple Pie

citrafied Citrafied
ABV=5.1% IBU=42
This crushable American pale ale is the result of over a year of experimentation to find the perfect combination of hops and barley. The exciting Citra hop is featured prominently, so when you open this can, expect to get citrafied with a whirlwind of tropical hop aromas and flavors. Drink it fresh, drink it often.
Category 5 IPA
ABV=8.5% IBU=96
2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Gold Medal – Imperial IPA
2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Second Runner Up – Best in Show
2015 Best Florida Beer Championships Bronze Medal – Imperial IPA
The most powerful IPA in the Due South Category series, the Cat 5 is big on hops and big on flavor.  Clocking in at 8.5% ABV and 96 IBU’s, the first bands of malts will make way for the surge of hops on the palate.  Designed for the true hophead, this is not a beer for the faint of heart.Interesting Fact: There is no interesting fact.  This beer is interesting enough on it’s own.Food Pairings
Nachos with Jalapenos

cafe Cafe Ole Espresso Porter
ABV=5.7% IBU=37
2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Silver Medal – Coffee Beer

With Cafe Ole Espresso Porter we’ve blended America’s two favorite beverages, beer and coffee. Roasted barley and flaked oats combine to form a rich, robust flavor, complimented by the addition of locally roasted espresso and a touch of vanilla.

This isn’t your average Joe.

Interesting Fact: Porter as a style, was first identified in 18th century English pubs. The ingredients made it possible to produce this beer for less cost than a stout, so these beers were named for “the help” (the porters). Stouts were generally made for the wealthier people. Traditionally, a stout uses grains which give it a more roasty flavor, whereas a porter uses malts which impart sweeter chocolate or caramel notes. Stouts are known for a fuller body, whereas the porter generally has a lighter mouth feel.

Food Pairings & Recipes
Ice Cream
Chocolate Brownies
Pecan Glazed Croissants

legendairy Legendairy Milk Stout
ABV=5.6% IBU=37
Brewed as a Milk Stout it contains lactose to give it a fuller, creamy body.  Starting with the creamy head that stouts are know for, this beer continues with a full mouthfeel and finishes with a slightly sweet cocoa flavor.  Delivered at the brewery using nitrogen instead of CO2, this beer takes a bit longer to pour but is definitely worth the wait.

Interesting Fact: There are a number of ways to impart chocolate flavor into a beer. For this beer, grains do part of the job, but it’s the cocoa nibs which add most of it. The nibs allow the cocoa flavor in this beer to come through without too much sweetness like would be the case if we added processed chocolate.

Food Pairings & Recipes
Chocolate Cake
Cheese Cake

cat-4 Category 4 IPA (Cat 4)
ABV=7.7% IBU=85
The aroma you get from the Pacific North West hops only tell half the story of what you’re about to experience in this red India pale ale. If you like Irish reds and lots of hop flavor and aroma, this is the beer for you.

Interesting Fact: This beer was originally called our “Red Hoptober” and debuted in the fall at the 2011 Ft. Pierce Beer Fest. It was going to be a seasonal offering, but the response was so favorable, we decided to make it available all year. It was renamed after learning New Belgium Brewery was changing the name of their Hoptober to the Red Hoptober in 2012. We decided a new name, less specific to the season, was a good idea anyway.

Food Pairings
Onion Rings
Indian Food

Mariana Trench Mariana Trench Imperial Stout
ABV=9.8% IBU=50
2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Gold Medal – Imperial Stout

Venture into the depths of complex flavor with this Imperial Stout. The deepest and darkest of them all, the Mariana Trench is only brewed once a year. Proceed with caution.

Interesting Fact: Named after the deepest part of the earth’s oceans, the Mariana Trench will debuted in January 2014.

Food Pairings
Large hunks of red meat

dryhopped Dry Hopped Series Pale Ale
ABV=5.1% IBU=42
This series was created to showcase individual hop varieties. This pale ale has been dry hopped with just one type of hops. Check the bottom of the can to see which variation you are about to enjoy.
Pico Duarte Pico Duarte Imperial Stout
ABV=9.1% IBU=64
A big Imperial Stout that brings a roasty profile with hints of chocolate and a warming alcohol feeling.  Let it warm up a little bit to experience the full flavors.

Interesting Fact: Named after the highest mountain peak in the Caribbean.

Food Pairings
Large hunks of red meat
Bittersweet chocolate

fl-blonde Florida Blonde
ABV=4.2% IBU=16.9
This blonde ale was designed specifically for the South Florida climate.  Whether at the bar or on the beach, this is the perfect refreshing combination of malt and hops for the Florida lifestyle. Welcome to paradise in a glass.

Food Pairings
Mexican Food

southbound Southbound Brown
ABV=5.6% IBU=36
A complex grain bill gives this sessionable brown ale its roasty notes and spiciness.  While we use many different grains and an adjusted water profile to brew this beer, only a single hop is used.  Make sure to add it to your sampler, you’ll be glad you did.

Interesting Fact: Malts are used determine the color of a beer. The color of a beer does not indicate how strong (high in alcohol) it is however, it does give you an indication of flavor. Darker grains used in browns, porters, and stouts will create malty, roasty, chocolate, and caramel flavors. If you’re curious about the alcohol content, look at the ABV, not the color.

Food Pairings & Recipes
Swiss Cheese
Pot Roast
Pasta with Red Sauce

imperial-cca Batch 100 – Imperial Caramel Cream Ale
ABV = 8.2% IBU = 18
To celebrate our 100th batch of beer that we brewed we have taken our flagship beer, Caramel Cream Ale, and kicked it up quite a bit.  This 8.2% treat is a full bodied, slow sipper meant to be savored.  A sweet caramel start with notes of toffee that finishes with a slight alcohol bite.

Interesting Fact: This beer will be brewed again from time to time to help commemorate other special events and achievements.

Food Pairings
Roast Beef
Apple Crisp

olympus-mons Batch 200 – Olympus Mons Imperial Red Ale
ABV = 9.2% IBU = 21
For our 200th batch we brewed this big, full bodied red ale. It is slightly bready with big notes of caramel, raisin and dried dark fruit. It finishes with a medium sweetness. Allow it to warm up and experience the flavors in a much bolder sense.

Food Pairings
Red Meat

uxo UXO American Strong Ale
ABV = 8.0% IBU = 67
UXO is an American Strong Ale paying homage to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians that have served in the US Military. UXO is a term EOD Techs use meaning unexploded ordnance.The beer is a big one, clocking in at 8% ABV. At 67 IBU’s, it also has plenty of hops.  A earthy hop bite comes across first followed by a caramel malt backbone.  It finishes with a nice bitterness that lingers for a few minutes on the palette.

Interesting Fact: Mike Halker, founder and head brewer at Due South chose to brew this beer for a simple reason – he’s a former EOD Tech himself. He served with the 61st EOD out of Fort Sill, OK.

Food Pairings
Dark Chocolate
Carrot Cake

mexican Mexican Standoff Porter
ABV = 8.5% IBU = 31
This beer will cause your taste buds to be at a standoff.  Cocoa mixes with subtle vanilla and cinnamon notes before the chili pepper takes hold with its heat.  Now you have a choice to make.  Drink this alone or with friends?
asylum Asylum Harbor Red Ale
ABV = 6.6% IBU = 18
2014 Best Florida Beer Championships Gold Medal – Irish Red Ale

A malt forward red ale that brings forward notes of toasted biscuit, raisins and a hint of caramel. A very easy drinking beer despite a medium body. You will want to find asylum and have a couple of these.

midnight Midnight Marauder Black IPA
ABV = 7.7% IBU = 50
Midnight Marauder Black IPA is just as it sounds, dark and hoppy. A healthy dose of Carafa malt and roasted barley give this beer a deep, dark color. A big, late charge of American hops provide a smooth hop flavor and aroma.
hopicana Hopicana
ABV = 7.1% IBU = 56
This special beer is only brewed a couple times a year. It is an India pale ale, 7.1% ABV, which is a perfect blend of dryness from the rye malt and citrus from the orange. A combination of hops are used, but it highlights Cascade hops which we put in our hopback, a vessel the beer passes through during the brewing process which allows us to add some additional flavor. It is loaded with Florida oranges (80 pounds are used in the 500 gallon batch).  This flavor-packed beer is perfect to enjoy on a sunny Florida afternoon.
saigon Saigon Blonde
ABV = 4.3% IBU = 17
Inspired by a cocktail the brewers had in Colorado the Saigon Blonde is treated with cucumber, lime and Jalapeno peppers. What you get is a beer that is light, crisp and refreshing with a slight bit of heat on the back end.


maple-orange Maple Orange Imperial Caramel Cream Ale
ABV = 8.2% IBU = 18
For our first release in the Curiosity Series, we started with our Imperial Caramel Cream Ale and incorporated the flavors and aromas of Florida oranges and maple syrup for a unique flavor profile we’ve never tasted anywhere before. This beer was originally brewed for Extreme Beer Fest 2014 in Boston, MA. We hope you enjoy it.
calling-all-cars Calling All Cars
ABV = 5.7% IBU = 37
Be on the lookout for Calling All Cars, our coffee and donuts porter.  This one is sweet and savory and will have you thinking you just dropped by your favorite shop for a donut and a cup of joe.

Food Pairings
Pretty obvious isn’t it?


hvw Honey Vanilla Wheat
ABV=4.8% IBU=17
Smooth and silky are the best ways to describe this seasonal beer. A special mash process is used to create a fuller body with a smooth mouthfeel. Real vanilla beans are added at the end of fermentation to balance out the sweetness of the honey. We only use the freshest Florida honey in this beer brewed to enjoy in the Florida sunshine while on a boat, at the beach, or poolside.

Interesting Fact: Each batch of this beer requires a over 100 pounds of honey. Now that’s a lot of honey!

Food Pairings & Recipes
Colby-Jack Cheese
Beer Bread
Anything with BBQ Flavor
Chicken Pot Pie

ABV=5.4% IBU=25
Brewed as a traditional German Marzen, this beer is created each year to celebrate Oktoberfest!  So grab a dimpled mug, grill up some bratwurst and enjoy our take on this historic European style.

Food Pairings
Roasted Red Cabbage

Print Isle of MaGourdo
ABV=5.5% IBU=18
Isle of MaGourdo is a pumpkin ale brewed specially for the fall season. Years ago our Brewmaster Mike went tuna fishing in Islamorada with Bo, Bryan and a great man named Martin. This beer is brewed each year the same time as that trip. For Martin – we miss you buddy.

Food Pairings
Turkey and the Fixings
Pumpkin Pie

Sweater Weather
ABV=9.0% IBU=22
Spice up the season with this smooth winter warmer ale packed with flavors of caramel malt, ginger and molasses with just a touch of clove and cinnamon.

Some of our label art contains graphical elements from, local artists, and other licensed sources.