“Pales In Comparison” Voting Results


What do you want to drink? The purpose of our “Pales in Comparison” experience was to answer that very question. It became clear early in the evening that peoples’ palates varied greatly. The favorite pick for one person was the least favorite for another.

We held three sessions on March 16 and had dozens of people do a blind tasting of 4 beers, all with the same pale ale base but each dry hopped with different hops. Then participants ranked those beers, from favorite to least favorite. The results were very close, but overall, this is how they ranked the hops.
1st – Mosaic
2nd – Simcoe and Centennial blend
3rd – Citra
4th – Cascade


So how do we make a beer for everyone? Our Dry Hopped Pale Ale Series features a different hop every other month (flip the can to see the hop variety on the bottom). One pale ale can be vastly different from another with just one ingredient adjustment. The saying “variety is the spice of life” is so true, which is why we are always coming up with new offerings. A big THANKS to all the “Pales in Comparison” participants who provided feedback. Your opinions will help us as we create future beers.