Category 4 Released, Hurricane Preparedness Week A Success



We finished off our Hurricane Preparedness Week last Friday with a lot of winners. Some lucky people took home raffle prizes including a generator, large cooler, and rechargeable flashlights. Plus many answers were shared to specific South Florida weather questions. We want to say thank you to all who came to try to win some hurricane supplies and to listen to the knowledgeable Michael Ehrenberg, meteorologist from CBS 12, speak about hurricane preparedness. It was great seeing so many people wanting to learn how to keep themselves safe during hurricane season.



The July 1 event was the conclusion to a special week when we released our Category 4 Red IPA, a beer brewed and released only a couple times a year. It’s a beer full of Pacific Northwest hops and brewed with enough specialty malts to give it an engaging red hue and balanced structure. It is rare for all three IPAs from the Due South Hurricane Series to be available at the same time so consider the variety 6 pack to be a part of a perfect storm which won’t be around for long.