Happy New Year!


It’s been a great year here at Due South!  We’ve added some new fermentation space, brought in lots of new kegs, we’re now distributed from Key West to Daytona and our beer is finally in cans!  Our new canning line is being built and should be up and running in April.  We’ll be canning our Category 3 IPA and our UXO American Strong Ale.  Lots of you have asked about the Caramel Cream Ale in package.  We’ll have an announcement soon but for now please know it’s at the top of our list.  We’ll also have an announcement soon concerning our 2014 expansion.

Over the past year we’ve had many conversations with all of you about what we can do to make your experience in the tap room more enjoyable and the same two issues come up over and over again so we’ve decided to address these now.

First, smoking.  We attempted initially to accommodate everyone and as it turns out, it’s just not possible.  We’ve decided to make the entire brewery non-smoking.  We consider the Due South experience to be a sensory one and anything that inhibits this is simply not acceptable.  We apologize to our friends that smoke and we’re working on putting together an outdoor solution for you folks.  Thanks for understanding.

The other issue we’re getting lots of comments about are children in the tap room.  Many of our customers have children and of course we love kids but at the end of the day, this is a brewery.  We’ve gone back and forth considering our options and have decided to allow children during the day but after 6pm Due South is for adults only.  Please know this was a difficult decision and we sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Thank you all so much for your support during 2013 and we look forward to many great things during 2014.


Mike Halker
Founder / Head Brewer
Due South Brewing Co.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Congrats on a great year. So happy to have you in our area & 5 minutes from my home!!. I promote your brewery to everyone I can and I’m looking forward to more new beers and still need to try some of your old ones.

    Thank you Jody for the kind donation of the pint glasses and bag to go with the $40.00 gift card for my give away at the Red Hot Blues Cruise last spring for my real estate booth; Patrick the winner was very happy! See you much more in 2014!!!


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