Due South Brewing Co. Releases Beer in Cans

Until now, those insisting on the local beer that quenched their distinguished palates had to drink Due South beer on draft or buy it in to go growlers (a refillable jar) in the brewery taproom.
While Due South Brewing Co. has released dozens of different beers since it opened last year, the Category 3 IPA is the beer that gets the distinction of being the brewery’s first packaged beer. It was canned and released for the first time on October 29, 2013. It’s a golden India pale ale, 6.1% ABV, which maintains a smooth balance between hops and malts.
Due South hired The Craft Brew Crew, a mobile canning service from Florida, to take care of this first batch of cans. This service comes to the brewery and provides the equipment and expertise to put fresh, small batch beers into cans.
The brewery is already making plans to purchase its own canning line so Due South fans can expect to see more beer options in cans in the coming months.

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