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A Bit of Perspective..

Hi folks, My name is Mike Halker and I own Due South Brewing Company and I brew beer for a living.  I’m also the President of the Florida Brewers Guild.  This is my second year as president and the year before I served on the board of directors.  I’m going to attempt to put some […]

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Discount for AHA Members

We are proud to announce that as of August 1st we are now a participant in the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Member Deals.  That means that we offer a discount to card carrying members of the AHA.  As a member you are entitled to Happy Hour pricing ($1 off) all day on our 12 oz […]

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What Do We Do With Our Spent Grains?

During our brewing sessions we use a lot of grain in the mash process.  Like today we brewed Category 3 IPA and the grain bill for that beer is bigger than any of our other beers currently.  So when the mash is done you might wonder what we do with all that spent grain.  Well […]

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